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Digital mastering Services

The Mastering Process
First, we listen to your material on a calibrated monitoring system in a sonically treated room. Then we formulate a plan for the finished project, taking into account any particular needs noted during the initial evaluation. Each track has a unique personality and requires a different set of services in order to achieve the optimal final sound. The following list describes some of the mastering services that we provide:

It is important for us to understand your vision for the project before manipulating a single bit. We want to ensure that the mastering process will provide the results you desire. Feel free to submit a reference mix from another artist which demonstrates the type of sound you hope to achieve after mastering. If a submitted mix exhibits any problems which would limit the quality of the final master (such as excessive distortion, noise, or effects processing), we will advise you on what can be done to create a mix that will sound better after mastering.

Tonal Balance
A mix that is spectrally balanced translates well to a wider range of playback systems and will not cause listener fatigue. We use judicious equalization to achieve an appropriate tonal balance for your track and provide the most pleasureable listening experience.

We transparently limit the peak levels of your track to achieve an average volume appropriate for the style of music. Your track will be as loud as other commercial tracks without compromising its sonic integrity.

Dynamic Processing
With dynamics processing we achieve an appropriate dynamic range for your music to provide it with power, presence, and punch. Over-compressed or lifeless mixes will regain vitality though transient enhancement.

Spatial Processing
The stereo image of your song may be modified to take advantage of the full range of the stereo-field without while maintaining mono compatibility.

Noise Reduction
Disturbing clicks, crackle, hum, hiss or other noises will be removed from your mix without adding digital artifacts or compromising the musical content.

Warmth and Excitement
Some tracks will benefit from additional harmonics to add extra sparkle or warmth and create a fuller sound.

At the end of the mastering process, we apply dither noise to eliminate distortion caused by digital quantization errors. Low-level musical details will have greater clarity after dithering.

We can apply smooth fade-ins or fade-outs according to your specification.

Other Services
The Final Sound provides a host of other audio services (e.g. restoration of old recordings, creating high-quality MP3's of your songs for internet distribution, etc.). Please feel free to contact us regarding any audio-related request.

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